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Up to 45%
On Merz and Galderma products through our marketplace
On medical supplies from our marketplace and 2.2% from anywhere else
On business expenses and 1% on everything else

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True Aesthetics is a growth partner. Plain and simple. Membership brings instant savings on premium injectable products, niche branded procedures that drive customer acquisition, and a full suite of practice automation services.
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Increase Practice Profitability

Empower your business with our comprehensive suite of resources, designed to help you stand out in a sea of sameness.

Dive into our offerings and discover how you can elevate your brand and increase practice profitability.
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A Commitment to Expand the Market

Our mission is to digitize and democratize medical aesthetics. 

True Aesthetics unlocks the massive pool of ~74m consumers who have yet to engage in aesthetics by reducing stigmas, and increasing access to a network of best-in-class medical aesthetic providers.
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AI-Powered Spend Management

True Aesthetics revolutionizes financial management for your business by centralizing all your expenses in one convenient location. With our platform, you can easily see, manage, and pay your bills, streamlining spend management across multiple offices. 

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It’s all the benefits of medspa chains, without the chains.

Level-up your support network

Joining True Aesthetics ensures your practice receives ambassador-level service, offering personalized support that goes beyond treating you as just another number.

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Access to exclusive aesthetics training

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Hire us to build a website using this template. Get unlimited design & dev.
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